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Southeast Asia includes many interesting countries that are backed with a lot of tradition and culture. And so, it is only expected by the tourists that visit this place, that they too make sure to respect such traditions and culture. So here are some tips that is sure to help you get through this trip. 

Check the visa requirement 

In different countries in Southeast Asia, the visa requirement varies. While in some parts like Cambodia and Laos you can apply for visa on arrival for $20 – $35 and stay in a boutique hotel in luang prabang, while in other parts like Thailand you don’t even need visa if you are American and staying for a period less than 30 days. There are also countries like Vietnam that expects you to apply for visa beforehand or get visa on arrival when you are leaving home. So, do research beforehand on how you should work out this matter to avoid any delays and issues in your trip.  

Be respectful and not ignorant  

You might be a westerner who is used to a different style of life, however in countries like Laos, Malaysia and even Myanmar, the style of living is a complete 180 from what you have been living in. Here the culture is such that modesty and closedness is given higher regard than the two piece bikini you would wear at the hotel luang prabang swimming pool or the butt shorts you parade around with in a temple (if you don’t want to be kicked out, don’t even try doing this!). Just like how you would try to match your clothes to a company culture, make an effort to match your way of life to the country you would be staying in too, even if it is only temporary. After all, being ignorant isn’t a good trait and it certainly isn’t one that is going to guarantee you a peaceful stay either!  

Get ready to be shocked with reality  

As much as these countries are highly regarded for their culture, traditions and norms, the inside stories of the people living there and the overall state of the country is surely going to shock you especially in certain parts. Unlike the western world, most countries in Asia are still in the developing stage, and so poverty is as common as common cold. Unfortunately, it is also the harsh reality of these nations as a result of corrupt officials, lack of education and such.  

Be open minded 

There is so much to look and see in many of these countries. However, most people visiting these places tend to get hung up on a particular because of the cheap hotels, the easy partying life and whatnot. But if you are truly looking at exploring the place you shouldn’t set yourself with barriers. Instead be open minded on anything and everything. Only this way can you really experience it all and have a story to tell at the end of the day! 

Be sure to enjoy every nook and corner to make the most of the trip. And, if something goes wrong there surely would be people to help you out, because Asians are just the nicest people you would ever find!