• Outdoor Activity Ideas

    If you love exploring the great outdoors either alone, with your family, or with a group of friends, there are many ways in which you can have fun and see new sights at the same time. Whether you book an activity packed holiday, or go out for the day to do some outdoor exploring, here’s a range of ideas that you might want to try.

    Wine tasting trips
    If you and your friends enjoy drinking and wine tasting, finding wine routes is an excellent way to combine this with your love for the outdoors. You can explore different areas and view beautiful scenery on wine routes, whilst stopping off at wineries along the way to take what they have on offer. If you don’t like wine, there are also various tours available that stop off at local breweries, bars and pubs along the way so you can still have a few drinks on your small group tours.

    Horse riding
    Equestrian activities and simpson desert 4wd tours are a brilliant way of exploring new areas, and because horses are able to easily get to some places that humans won’t be able to manage, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to see some amazing sights on horseback. Many riding schools will cater for beginners, so if you’ve never ridden a horse before you ‘ll still have options, whether it’s being led along by a handler, or having a couple of lessons to get you going before you set out to explore on horseback.

    Hiking and climbing
    Going on day trips to mountainous areas can be really exciting and an opportunity to see breath taking views. If you like getting physical and enjoy climbing, a hike through the hills or mountains might be a really good option for you. You can go alone, or take a group of friends. You could even pack a picnic and some drinks, and stop at the top for a truly picturesque lunchtime.

    Boating and sailing
    Going out on a boating lake or in a sailboat is a brilliant way of enjoying the great outdoors, and can also be really relaxing and therapeutic on a nice day. If you’ve never sailed a boat before, there are a range of sailing clubs and societies that have trained instructors who will take you out on the water and teach you how to sail. It’s a really good skill to have, and a lot of fun. If you’re not prepared to buy your own sailing boat, it’s easy to join a club which will charge a small fee for you to hire the use of one of their boats and the lake.

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